Lifeline has supported over 1375 CSOs in 103 countries with emergency assistance and rapid response advocacy grants since 2011.


"The Lifeline team heard our voice at a time when hope was dying for us to continue our efforts for human rights"

- Pakistani CSO representative

The financial support helped us improve our work and strengthen our commitment to affected communities . . . we were able to take time to develop our security protocols and the psychosocial support we need as defenders
— Mexican CSO representative
The provided assistance has immensely contributed to the safety of human rights defenders in our area. . . Your assistance at this point of time was extremely helpful.
— Indian CSO representative
The Lifeline team heard our voice at a time when hope was dying for us to continue efforts for human rights, especially for women’s rights and their empowerment in our project operation areas. Lifeline encouraged and enabled our organization’s staff to continue its mission.
— Pakistani CSO representative
Firstly, the fund helped three prisoners to improve their nutrition every day, so they can keep their health. They believe that they are not alone, many people and international organizations pay attention to them and support them. It helps them believe what they have done for human rights were right. The fund also supported our members who lost their income. Now, they have financial support and they continue their human rights work. The fund was positive for our work.
— Vietnamese CSO representative
We received help in time, thereby saving the lives of our activists.
— Ukrainian CSO representative
Our organization received safety and relocation funding, with the help of which we relocated our office to a much safer and more secure place, which . . . reduced the threats that we were receiving before . . . We can work more safely and confidently.
— Pakistani CSO representative