Since 2016, Lifeline has awarded 41 resiliency grants supporting CSOs to avoid or mitigate threats.


Protecting the Most At-Risk CSOs

Given the global crackdown on civil society, many CSOs face legal, administrative, judicial harassment; direct violence; arbitrary arrest, detention, and imprisonment; and surveillance or intimidation. Lifeline rapid response resiliency grants provide support to at-risk CSOs to proactively avoid or mitigate the threats they face and help them continue to work in high-risk environments. These grants are highly flexible and support a range of activities including digital or physical security training; technical training on how to respond to restrictive CSO legislation; building peer-to-peer support networks, or establishing temporary collaborative space to help CSOs return to work.

Resiliency Grant Guidelines

Photo Credit: © Oleksandr Makysmenko

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How to Apply for Resiliency Grants?

All Lifeline partners provide resiliency grants. Each organization has its own selection criteria and should be contacted directly. The organizations below accept general inquiries/applications.

Photo Credit: © Oleksandr Makysmenko


Applications can be made directly to CIVICUS'  Crisis Response Fund


Applications and inquiries can be made to ICNL by mailing [email protected]


Applications and inquiries can be made to Freedom House at [email protected]


Applications and inquiries can be made to SILC by mailing [email protected]